Bucks or birthday – celebrate with your mates

Whether it be a bucks, birthday or a footy trip, Sundowner has a few options to celebrate with your mates.

Fishing morning or afternoon

We can supply hand lines, the beers and even order a pizza or two to get your morning or afternoon of fishing in.  We have the space for your mates to chill, fish, have a swim – or any other antics you may want to get up to.  We’re flexible as long as you stay safe.

Bucks cruise

Before you hit the town of Airlie Beach, a bucks cruise is a great option to get some quality time in together before you get lost amongst the crowds in Airlie Beach.

You can hear each other talk, play the music you want to play and we don’t mind if you dance on our table.

Chill out the next day cruise

After a big night out on the town you might not feel like doing much at all, so why not chill on the water for a few hours while watching your mates come out of their comas or raise the hair of the dog and get back into it.


We can certainly point you in the right direction for entertainment on board Sundowner.

Buck’s Night Party Gallery

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Buck’s Cruise

Buck’s Cruise